More About The Kula Project

This week I wanted to share more about the first non-profit I donated to: The Kula Project. Founded by Sarah Buchanan and James Sasson, this non-profit invests in small-scale Rwandan farmers to provide them with sustainable communities. A non-profit based out of Atlanta, The Kula Project has connected Rwandan farmers to sell their coffee to Land […]

My Health Heroes

Today I share the story of my “Health Heroes” as part of the American Recall Center‘s “Who Keeps You Healthy” campaign. As a fitness blogger, I am often asked how I became so involved in running and exercise. Perhaps this story will enlighten you. For me, it isn’t a question of when I started living a […]

Welcome to Active Tasty Life!

SURPRISE! I have re-branded my blog! From now on, Life with Lampnsofa will be “Active Tasty Life.” It came to me while trying to go to sleep (at 10, early as usual). I have been thinking for quite some time that there is too much explaining involved with “Life with Lampnsofa.” The only people that […]

Make Your Own Kimchi!

I recently met up with Hannah Chung who has her own business called Simply Seoul. If you’ve frequented Atlanta’s farmers markets you may have seen her selling her addictive steamed buns and jars of kimchi at Grant Park, Peachtree Road or on the shelves of Whole Foods. Hannah showed me the step-by-step process for making her […]

Homemade Hummus

For my birthday I got the book “Vegetable Literacy.“ This book is a vegetarian foodie’s dream.  I also got an awesome Cuisinart food processor that is finally bigger than the 2-cup one I was using before. While I do only cook for one person, I still like to make big batches so I needed more […]