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Hey there! I’m Alexa Lampasona.

Welcome to Active Tasty Life! I am an Atlanta food and fitness blogger with a passion for healthy eating, exercising, and Atlanta culture.

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I am a distance runner with an edge for competition. I found my favorite distance is the half-marathon because it is a test of endurance but training doesn’t take a toll on your body.  I’ve raced in triathlons in the past and love the variety of training. I share the musings of my races  in Race Recaps and provide tips for runners in the Running section. But as a fitness blogger, I share my experiences with other workouts in the Fitness section.

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You should know, I am obsessed with sweet potatoes. My food blog focuses on healthy recipes. Every meal is a plate full of color, eating fresh fruits and vegetables because they just make you feel so good! My recipes are predominantly vegetarian and vegan, however when I dine out (as it is part of my job) I do enjoy eating interesting new foods. (Especially with all the great Atlanta chefs- read on for more!)


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I live in Atlanta and love this city! I spend so much time experiencing Atlanta’s culture, whether its farmers markets, the restaurant scene, festivals or events, and I share my photos and experiences with you in Atlanta Local Culture. I have a passion for storytelling, and I am always looking to interview people about their life. I cycle around town on my hybrid bike, you’ll frequently see me in Piedmont Park or out on the Beltline.


You can email me at lifewithlampnsofa@gmail.com, I’m happy to respond!

8 thoughts on “Who is this Girl? | Alexa Lampasona

  1. I love cooking – but only for one or two people. Any more than that and it becomes a chore and I hate it! I had a quick look over some of the recipes on your blog and they look good to me! :)

  2. Awesome! Site Alexa! Stay strong, keep your determination, beautiful smile and you can accomplish anything you want!

  3. Healthy food and fitness; the epitome of longevity in life!
    Your family must be proud!

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