Resolutions: Mixing up the Fitness Routine, Expanding my Diet and Bringing more to You!

Totally has nothing to do with resolutions, but isn't she cute?

Totally has nothing to do with resolutions, but isn’t she cute?

Everyone is making these things called resolutions right? While some say its cliche, I think is important to set goals because then you are held accountable. And for OCD people like me, we get something cross off at the end of the year. So now all my readers, you’ve gotta hold me to these!¬†

First,lets review what I was able to achieve with last year’s resolutions.¬†

  • I got a job. (Okay, 3, and I LOVE all of them!)
  • I PRed in my half marathon
  • I joined a book club (that was finding something that makes me happy)
  • I started volunteering at Cook’s Warehouse


2014 Fitness Goals

  • PR in a half-marathon again

this year I am shooting for 1:35

  • Exercise because I want to, not because I have to.

Sometimes I force myself to go for a run, and it ends up being short and miserable. I am teaching myself to do the workout I want to do for the day, whether its hot yoga, a run, weights or sometimes nothing at all.

  • Mix up my fitness routine.

I want to try different types of  activities besides the above defaults. Maybe jump in a few Crossfit workouts, swing the kettleball or do a Barre class. The more variation in my fitness routines, the more developed different muscles will become. Heck, I have 7 days a week to pick from- any suggestions?


2014 Food Goals

  • I don’t want to limit myself.

I announced earlier that I became pescetarian. I still want to claim that, but I don’t want that to define me. I heard a great interview on Splendid Table from Mollie Katzen who owns Moosewood Restaurant. She said that she’s vegetarian with a lowercase “v.” She isn’t turned off to meat, but she finds that when she loads up her plate to eat she loves vegetables so much that theres no room for anything else. I agree with her.

  • I will expand my diet.

I panicked when I decided that I would eat meat again. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to cook all the vegan and vegetarian recipes I enjoyed. But then I realized, I still love vegetables and I will still end up cooking predominantly vegetarian. I just don’t want to narrow down a restaurant menu so much that I’m overlooking an artfully prepared chef dish that features free-range meat.

  • I am bringing more to you!

This blog will still focus on vegetarian and vegan recipes, but I am going to be more adventurous in my dining out endeavors. With my new camera I will be featuring improved food photography. I’m working on a bit of site redesign so that it is easier for you to navigate to my specific fitness tips, running recaps and recipes. Its coming soon!

  • I hope to plan an epic trip.

Whether solo or with a good friend, I want to do something adventurous. Hike a mountain. Ski the slopes again. Wine taste in Europe. We’ll see where money takes me!

What goals have you set for yourself?

2 thoughts on “Resolutions: Mixing up the Fitness Routine, Expanding my Diet and Bringing more to You!

  1. I love this! Alexa you’re blog has developed so well!

    You should try a barre class … really small movements but weird things will be sore the next day and you will kinda like it ;)

    Way to not limit yourself on foods … its good to be open! In this new year I want to work harder in the kitchen …. homemade pizza and scrambled eggs for dinner are getting a little monotonous for us :) Time to explore a bit, and aim for mostly healthy!

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