The Cookie Size Infographic

I have learned a lot about baking at my catering job with Annette Marcus Catering. I thought I was a good baker. At least, people told me I was a good baker! However once I began baking larger quantities that would be served to groups instead of simply just delved out to friends, there was more techinique involved. Read on for a cookie baking tip. 

Specifically with cookie size. I usually just make my dough and plop it onto a cookie sheet, paying no attention to size or shape. No wonder sometimes I’d be quickly pulling a burnt batch from the oven and other times I’d be twiddling my thumbs as I bumped the timer up- I didn’t realize how recipes call for cookie dough to be shaped in a specific size because that is how time and temperature is determined.

So now I’ve learned – and I created this cookie size infographic¬†to share the knowledge. This is just one valuable cookie baking tip I’ve learned!

Maybe try baking up some of these: Chistmas Cookies Three Ways.


cookie size infographic

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