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First let me say, I posted earlier this week but it didn’t show up! So if you DO care how my Thanksgiving was (which of course, every food blogger has to post how their Thanksgiving was, but I at least included my latest 10k PR- 42:32!) head over to the link here to read up. Then, come back!!

It's the start of the holidays!

It’s the start of the holidays! -with Ginger

Some exiting things have happened! I am now a regular blog contributor to Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Food & More blog! Four times a week I will post about food trends, interviews, recipes/tips and round-ups. Surprisingly now that I am working at three jobs, I’ve actually been able to do so much more, including more marketing for the blog.

I now have a caricature- revealed in this Sunday's AJC!

I now have a caricature- revealed in this Sunday’s AJC!

This week, Best Self Atlanta gathered fitness bloggers in Atlanta for a photo shoot for their upcoming January issue.

They are doing a feature on Atlanta’s favorite fitness trends from 2013. This was my first real “publicity” for the blog, and it has inspired me to really step up my game! I met some other great bloggers, so make sure you go to their pages and follow them! I can’t wait to see what fitness trends they chose.

We had some great make-up and hair artists there for ‘touch-ups.’ For me- they re-did my whole face HA! I told them this was a fitness photo shoot, we’re better at exercising than make-up.

getting "re-done"

getting “re-done”

Never having done a “photo shoot” before, I felt a little awkward at first. The studio had Madonna music playing to get us energized. I attempted to do some running poses so I wasn’t just standing with my hand on my hip, but as I come from a television background, I kept moving instead of holding a pose. The photographer kept telling me, “Remember it is not a video camera!” as I would throw my arms in the air like I was crossing a finish line, then embarassingly drop them to my sides. The photographer and Best Self staff were great at complimenting us and it gave me confidence. I think I would’ve preferred if they had a trampoline and could do fun action shots in mid-air. :P

photo shoot

I’m looking forward to seeing which photo they’ll choose! I plan on getting one to use on the blog, so stay tuned in January :) As for the fitness trends I chose, you’ll have to read the January issue to see.


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