Ski Trip in Breckenridge… Winter Burns So Good

It was biting cold… biting! on New Year’s Day. Yet being out on the slopes was the only place I wanted to be. A fresh blanket of snow was still falling throughout the morning, giving me fresh powder to glide and turn through on my runs. Add the fact that it was the day after New Year’s Eve so most of the world was sleeping in and the slopes were pretty empty. I really got a chance to be alone out in the cold.

I did it! Skiied all 4 peaks at Breck!

I love it. I love skiing alone. Unlike running where I crave companions, I get pretty selfish on the slopes. I don’t like to wait at the chairs for everyone else to finish. I ski fast. And I like to ski right past the crowds and glide into the “Singles” line.

Plus, you get a chance to meet new people on each chairlift ride. I always make a point of saying “Hi” to my fellow chairmates. Why not? You’ll ride together for the next 10-20 minutes so you minus well enjoy each others company. I found a lot of themes in the people I met, maybe that’s where my luck lies?

  • I met several people from Texas, most were either engineers or in the military
  • Right behind Texas was native Colorado-ans… from Denver and surrounding areas up for a few days. Those in school were studying something to do with the environment
  • I met a family from Australia who was doing an extended vacation, hopping from Keystone, Breck, and Beaver Creek
  • One guy was a ski instructor for 3-6 year olds at the resort… funny because I was offered a job to do that at Vail. He also was a Communications major like me and wanted to do reporting eventually. Guess jobs were hard to find for him too. 
  • Some local snowboard guys were talking about hiking to a bowl to board… no thank you! 

I feel empowered when I conquer a difficult run alone. I feel myself holding my breath as I make the initial “drop” down a steep slope, not breathing until the terrain has flattened out and turned to rolling hills or a gradual decline.

Now I’m back at my parent’s house in Florida before I head back to Atlanta. Amazing- yesterday I was wearing multiple layers and a ski coat, today I went for a run and was sweating in a t-shirt and shorts! No wonder I have lost some sense of time! It doesn’t feel like its 2013 because of how different the past 6 months have been. I no longer had the routine of college classes, a summer break. Everything just feels off.

people take snow on trees for granted…

One way I relax is dreaming about ski slopes, much like I dream of my drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway when its fall. I find these things comforting to me. Some people think of the beach, but I honestly hate the beach. Too hot and I’m too used to it. I go to the beach to do a triathlon. haha

I guess it all depends on your point of view. I like mine on the mountain.

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