VIDEO: A Day in the Life of NYO Food Truck

Not Your Ordinary Food Truck… watch the video to find out why!

Ever eaten Kangaroo? Thought about ordering an Ostrich burger? These are just some of the menu items that Not Your Ordinary Food Truck serves to its customers. Roaming around Tampa Florida, NYO appears at food truck rallies, local restaurants, and other Tampa events. But what does it take to run this food truck? Alexa spends a day shadowing the NYO food truck team: Jeremy, Candy, and AJ. See all their hard work, from shopping for ingredients to prep, and cooking through the night at a food truck rally.

A Day in the Life: NYO Food Truck from Alexa Lampasona on Vimeo.

And here’s their Facebook and Twitter.

An almost completely stainless steel kitchen… still sizable for a food truck since NYO doesn’t have a freezer

Today’s menu: exotic meats on burgers or skewers… all fresh from the country of origin

The Flicks n Food Truck rally at Channelside in Tampa, FL

NYO’s truck is set up and ready to serve!

I would tell you all more about NYO Food Truck… but why spoil it when you can watch the video? Plus, it’s more fun to feel like you’re in the action!


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